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Battalion Wars

  1. General information
  2. Battalion Wars 1: campaign
  3. Modding Battalion Wars

General informations

Battalion Wars is a subseries of the Nintendo Wars series consisting of only two games, Battalion Wars on Gamecube and Battalion Wars 2 on Wii (Bwii). Due to the low sales of both games, it is very unlikely that a new one would be made any time soon. Same goes for Advance Wars, unfortunately.
These games were made Kuju Entertainment and were not originally intented to be part of Nintendo Wars; Nintendo actually bought the licence of the games while the first one was being made, seeing many similarities between Battalion Wars and Advance Wars. Battalion Wars is considered the Action version of Advance Wars. As such Battalion Wars is an action games but also a strategy game, or rather a tactics game: in each mission the player controls a battalion of several units (infantry, armor, aircraft), and must strive to capture the enemy flag, or simply reach the mission's objectives, by making good use of their troops.

Battalion Wars 1: campaign

There's only one game mode in BW1, and that's the story (or campaign) mode. It actually consists of four linear campaigns (24 missions total):

Modding Battalion Wars

Check the main page of BW modding

That's right: it IS possible to mod these two games, and while not especially easy it's easier if you're playing on an emulator. Of course Dolphin is the recommanded choice.
First of all, if ever you're interested in modding Battalion Wars, I heavily recommand checking the Battalion Wars Mod subreddit, which is basically the HQ of BW modding. We also have a Discord channel (check the subreddit for more info).
But first things first. Most of the modding is made directly by modifying the .xml files parsed by the game when loading the missions. So in order to mod the game, you must have something like GCRebuilder, or any kind of software which lets you extract files from the ISO of the game, and then either re-import it or rebuild it.
What exactly can we do when modding the games? Unfortunately, for now it is only possible to clone/delete units already present on a map, and to edit various values such as damage modifiers. The most exciting thing, of course, is the duplicating of units. UPDATE: It is now also possible to mess with scripts. Some big progress has been made in the last few months.
It's made rather easy by Leverno's editor, which you can find HERE. The installation can be a bit messy but once it works, it's really easy to use.
On Youtube there are a few modding videos you can check by finding Ephraim225's, Marbrinus', DebugYoshi's (aka Leverno) or koopanique's channels.