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2018-05-13 (Victory Gram Republic Campaign)

General informations

USITEMP2: East of Altis was already sealed off by then, and Victory Gram Republic forces (meta: WW2 US and AAF) just had to capture Molos Airfield to complete their hold on this part of the island.
Meta: pretty good scenario, with interesting (although typical) tactical situations, and it resulted in a victory in 1 try, no death, everyone survived. IIRC we started with a few men (as Victory Gram Republic soldiers, so WW2 US in the game), with a jeep. Goal was to capture the airport North of our starting position. We made our way to that weird collection of house South of the airfield. There was quite the deadly skirmish there, I moved up into a house, draw enemy fire and then had the rest of the guys move up close and work through the enemy soldiers. Then we moved North towards the airport, meet up with other guys there (including AAF soldiers); I was hoping to see a halftrack I had placed on the map West of the airfield, but it was nowhere to be seen when we arrived. We fought off the enemies in the airport, but one big obstacle remained, an Natan Anti-Air vehicle, virtually invulnerable to our WW2 peeshooters. We had to get pretty close and damage it with WW2 grenades. I remember taking the launcher of an AAF guy to further damage the AA vehicle. Then the crew left the vehicle, we quickly disposed of the crew and voilĂ .
And after all that the halftrack finally made an appearance. It was moving like 3 mph, I was thinking "What is the AI doing?". When I got closer I realized something was wrong, and indeed the halftrack was all brown, as if it had burned; as it turned out, it had been pretty badly damaged prior to reaching the airport. I don't know by what though. The wheels were all messed up, which was why it was moving so slowly.

The halftrack, all burned up by whatever foe was lying about West of the airfield.

Fighting off the AA vehicle.

Actually entering the damaged AA vehicle after it had been abandonned by its crew.