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2019-02-10 (Victory Gram Republic Campaign)

General informations

USITEMP2: Vixenford forces have landed North of Altis with air and armored support, resulting in a fierce skirmish near the wind turbines. Following this skirmish, Nata soldiers had to abandon their position and retreat to Abdera. Two Nata fighter aircraft then took off to intercept the enemy aircraft (mission was successful). During the air fight, it was noted that Vixenford aircraft (some sort of mix between a fighter and a gunship) could withstand three or four long range missile hits, but they also lack sufficiently long range weaponry to be a threat to our own fighter aircraft.
Meta: The first real ingame fight between Nata (Nato) and Vixenford (W40K Imperium). Lemann Russ tanks are very efficient against infantry, even Nato infantry, thanks to their side turrets; in sufficient numbers, I think guardsmen can put up a good fight against Nato forces. To my surprise, Valkyrie aircraft make short work of enemy infantry, because their rockets are fired from turrets operated by actual soldiers on the side of the aircraft, making it possible to fire forward, sideway and backward. During the dogfight, it became apparent that 1) Valkyries are very resistant (4 or 5 long range AMRAAM missiles are required to destroy them, even if the AI has a tendency to eject, despite the lack of parachute, after only two or three impacts), 2) at close range Valkyrie are more than a match for Nato fighters, and 3) at long range, Valkyrie lack sufficiently long range armament to be able to do anything against Nato fighters. Also, it seems Valkyrie flares are more or less useless against AMRAAMs.

Dramatic view of the battlefield

Nata soldiers under fire from laser weapons

Nata soldiers under fire from laser weapons

Nata soldiers under fire from laser weapons

Tank warfare