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Valkyria Chronicles

General informations

Valkyria Chronicles is the first game of the Valkyria Chronicles series, which until now has spawned three games on PS3, PSP and PC. A fourth one set in a different universe is planned to be released in 2016 or 2017 for the PS4.
VC is a TRPG (tactical RPG) with mixed turn-based and real-time elements. The gameplay exclusively revolves around the battle system, called the Blitz by the developers (Battle of live tactical zones; it's a term made up by Japanese people if that's any explanation). This battle system has the player moving his soldiers in third-person view one after the other until his command points are depleted; when this happens the enemy takes its turn, and so on. The goal is generally to capture the enemy's flag or to eliminate all enemy units.


The game takes place in a fictional Europe in the late 1930s; the continent is made of two factions, the Federation and the Empire, plus a small country where Belgium should roughly be, called Gallia. Gallia is neutral but its natural ressources soon make it subject to imperial invasion. The player is Welkin, a Gallian guy who ends up being the leader of a Militia squad, Squad Seven.

Unalanced/broken gameplay elements

While this game is truly one of the best game of its generation, it's inherently broken at some levels. The classes that all the soldiers (enemy and allied) are divided into are the scouts (great mobility), the lancers (anti-tank), the shocktrooper (machingunner), the sniper (shoots from afar), and the enginneers (can repair tanks and resupply allied units). Most of these classes are fine with the exception of the scouts.
See this 1 minute long video to get an idea of the issue: THIS VIDEO
The scout troopers are completely broken because of their very core feature: their speed. In one turn, a scout can easily run across any battlefield and back, making very easy for them to reach the enemy's command point (their flag). This is supposedly balanced by their low firepower, but late game upgrades give the scouts top-level rifle and even grenade launchers, making them actual very effective anti-tank AND anti-personel troopers. That's the problem: almost any mission can be completed with scouts only, making the other classes useless to a great extent. Just give Alicia the good rifle and some late-game resistance stats and she's off capturing the enemy's flag in one single turn in most missions.