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Campaign: USITEMP2 Victory Gram Republic

Meta informations

This campaign takes place in USITEMP2, which was basically created around this campaign and doesn't contain much outside of it. In USITEMP2, a first campaign, fought in Airships: Conquer the Skies, featured the Tibian Empire leading a campaign against a greater country (in size) called ??? (was never given a clear name). In the process, Tibian troops and airships passed through many other countries, often peacefully (military access agreements).
However, the campaign got stale after a while. In the meantime the name Victory Gram Republic was used for other stuff in Airships: Conquer the Skies, and now everything is blurry because I can't remember if Victory Gram Republic belongs to USITEMP2 or an hypothetical USITEMP3 (I called a collage of all Arma terrains "usitemp3 terrains" which would suggest VGR was to be used in a different USI entirely, at some point).
For now, since the geopolitical situation is unclear, and since I don't want to create too many USIs, let's say it takes place in USITEMP2, away from the "main" action (Tibia vs the world basically).
Update 2019-01-20: 2 new excellent mods have just been discovered, Sab Secret Weapons, which adds lots of WW2 planes and boats, and There is only war, an ambitious and well put-together W40K mod. These will be integrated somehow in the campaign, in the Altis map at least.

General informations

This campaign is meant to feature several Arma terrains, but mainly focus (for now at least) on Arma 3's Altis map. It makes use of our 3 best Arma mods, IFA3, TIOW and Zombies and Demons, I hate Zombie stuff in general but in Arma it's surprisingly efficient and often leads to some interesting situations.
Warring powers and factions include:

Name Ingame faction(s) Description
Victory Gram Republic (VGR) IFA3 WW2 USA, Sab Secret Weapons USA Relatively small nation currently attempting to expand its influence across the islands. Lacks Nata's level of tech, but makes up for it with good national morale and good COs.
Nata (for now, because close to Nato) Vanilla Arma NATO, IFA3 WW2 Germany A regional power, better armed than VGR, but finding itself strategically overstretched. On Altis, sandwiched by VGR (to the East) and Vixenford (to the West).
Csar Vanilla Arma CSAT A distant power with interest in the region. As well-equipped as Nata but less overstretched and more ruthless, but also more distant, so not often encountered despite very good logistics.
Zombies, I Guess (ZIG for now) ZaD mod faction Don't know where they come from, but they make awesome monsters. Found on a few islands, recently appeared in Western Altis, and a huge thorn in the side of Nata.
Vixenford W40K Imperium A mysterious enemy that has taken hold of N-W Altis. Better equipped than Nata and Csar.
MEO Mass Effect Opposition mod Scary alien-looking monsters. Not yet integrated to the campaign. UPDATE: I unsubscribed from this mod so they are not expected to show up anytime soon.
Operation Trebuchet Operation Trebuchet Has not yet been integrated to the campaign.
PLA VLE PLA Mod Has not yet been integrated to the campaign.

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